Today's Teaser

Soon little Freddie will celebrate his tenth birthday. In 11 years Freddie will reach half the average age of his parents. His mother is only 17 years older than her son. How old are Freddie's father and mother?

Today's Trivia

What movie had Robert Redford play a man so sick of the world that he becomes a mountain man only to find that being a mountain man is a lot worse?

1. The Horse Whisperer
2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
3. Jeremiah Johnson
4. The Sting

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The object is to fill all empty squares using numbers 1 to 9 so the sum of each horizontal block equals the clue on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top.
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The classic card game. Also called patience.
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Need for Russia

New car racing game in retro style with famous Russian cars.
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