Today's Teaser

UPDATE: Sorry but we will be back July 12th 2017 with daily updates.

Tom is younger than Rose, but older than Will and Jack, in that order. Rose is younger than Susie, but older than Jack. Jack is younger than Jim. Susie is older than Rose, but younger than Jim. Jim is older than Tom. Who is the oldest?

Today's Trivia

His name may be associated with a fine meal, but this man has been called the "Father of Romanticism" in French literature.

1. Francois Chateaubriand
2. Victor Hugo
3. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
4. Johann von Goethe

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Alphabet Soup

Quickly click to rearrange the falling letters to form a word.
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Jungle Fruit

Game play is simple but to become the King of the Jungle on the high score list it is going to take a roar of skill.
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Scratches - Director's Cut

Prowl dark corners and solve puzzles leading to the solution of a tale begun with obsession, and ending with madness and murder.
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